(Experienced/ Senior) Unity Developer

Why we need you?


Our young and exciting start-up brings music to life in a special way through technology. We are small but dream big, and we are looking for a Senior Unity Developer who dares to be on this journey with us.

Job Description


You will work in a very creative, active agile startup. You will be a hero to save the world from being boring and inspire other teammates to achieve big goals. How can you do it? Just bring technology and your skills to create fantastic music games that reach to 100 million worldwide users.




  •  At least 1 years in game developer (Unity is preferred but we care much more about the mindset and how you work)
  •  Experience in writing extra native codes (C /C++/ Java/ or ObjectC)
  •  Experience in giving solutions to build game system or any cool features from product requirements
  •  Experience in software development process Agile/Scrum
  •  Experience in designing framework for multi-play is a bonus
  •  Knowledge of node.js Server / Backend / or NoSQL Database is also a bonus


  • Build game architecture & framework for quickly developing game and for cross team
  •  Working based on story/tasks and product priority. You are a member in a scrum team
  •  Brainstorm to make clear game ideas, technical solutions for any game features
  •  Review code, standardization code for developer team
  •  R&D game technology based on product requirements
  •  Support Developer team about technology, game logical solutions
  •  Using Git and Trello to control tasks
  •  Always be available when product has issues.

Our offer

  • Attractive salary: up to 130% your current salary.
  •  We will not build good products. We build awesome products.
  •  Personal Mac book or PC
  •  Equity plan for long-life collaboration
  •  Fast track to further level
  •  Monthly company workshop
  •  12 annual leaves
  •  Year-end bonus, project bonus
  •  Global market, dynamic, friendly and funny environment
  •  Daily challenges/games during work hours
  •  Monthly team building, quarterly Music Night, weekly football club ^^
  •  Piano Music Class sponsored by us
  •  Company band that will bring the music out of you

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