Waiting for the Free Market to Raise Your Wages? Don’t Hold Your Breath.

Internet • 13.08.2018
Corporations now expect you to believe that higher wages are a bad thing. Don’t listen to them. CNBC reporter Jeff Cox wants you to feel pity for American employers. Unemployment is so low, Cox reports, that employers are having a hard time finding workers. (The truth is way more nuanced than the bustling job market Cox is […]

American Paychecks Are Flatlining

Internet • 13.08.2018
Donald Trump’s own Department of Labor found that wages stayed entirely flat from June 2017 to June 2018. Why aren’t you getting a raise? Have you gotten a raise in the last year? If not, don’t feel bad: you’re not alone. In fact, you are, statistically speaking, an average American. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

More Older Americans Are Filing for Bankruptcy Than Ever Before

News & Event • 13.08.2018
The great American Dream of retirement is under attack. We must save our future. One of the great American inventions of the 20th century is the idea of secure retirement for all. In our not-so-distant past, we recall that families took care of elderly grandparents and great-grandparents on their own, bearing great economic and emotional stress […]